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iNFiNiEN’s first full-length album was produced in 2008 at Kawari Sound in Wyncote, PA. Recorded with authentic analog instruments on a 2-inch reel, combined with modern digital techniques, this album delivers a full range of soundscapes and textures.


released May 24, 2009

Jordan Berger: Electric and Upright Bass, Sitar
Tom Cullen: Drums & Percussion
Matt Hollenberg: Guitars, Saz, Oud, Electric Sitar
Chrissie Loftus: Vocals, Piano & Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Chris Aschman: Trumpet on "Breathe Easy" and "Perpetual Twilight"
Kyle Cripps: Sax on "Breathe Easy" and "Perpetual Twilight"
Anne Goering: Viola on "Knock Knock", "Despierta" & "Spiritual Rats"

Knock Knock: (Music by M. Hollenberg, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Aquatica: (Music by M. Hollenberg & C. Loftus, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Make the Choice: (Music and Lyrics by M. Hollenberg)
Breathe Easy: (Music and Lyrics by C. Loftus, horn arrangement by J. Berger)
Trivial Pursuit: (Music by Justin Carney, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Into Pieces: (Music by M. Hollenberg, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Spiritual Rats: (Music by M. Hollenberg, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Despierta: (Music by M. Hollenberg, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Beauty is Beast: (Music by M. Hollenberg, Lyrics by C. Loftus)
Perpetual Twilight: (Music by iNFiNiEN & Justin Carney, Lyrics by C. Loftus, horn arrangement by J. Berger)

Recorded at Kawari Sound, Wyncote, PA in Spring 2008

Produced by Karl Rieders, Zach Goldstein and iNFiNiEN

Mixed by Karl Rieders and Zach Goldstein

Mastered by Paul J. Geissinger at the Royal Bank of Starkville

Cover art by John Singletary and Blake Shockley



all rights reserved


iNFiNiEN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia-born iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities into a visionary, unified force. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and classical influences, the quartet plays intricately composed songs with a focus on improvisation. Far from the typical rock band, they explore new territories of sound by using exotic scales, chords, and rhythms. ... more

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Track Name: Knock Knock -(Disappear)-
take me to the moon
I know when I'm with you I can go anywhere I want to
We'll Soar
Take to outer space

Flow through my veins
Pull me out of body
Take to outer space

Far beyond all space and time your superpowers have led me to mine
You've helped me learn there's no need to try
I'll ride the waves you leave behind

Stoned by your magic, I'm lost in your beauty
I disappear as music consumes me
Track Name: Aquatica
Empires are bound to fall
Now we're drifting on the sea
I smile as the water covers me
Just like waves we crash into unity
and as I'm drowning slowly, I remember how this all came to be

We took control into our own hands to assure
we'd always have enough
Forced this way of life on all men and killed our competitors
If we had trusted the Earth to feed us,
we may have evolved
But we waged war against our planet, I wonder who we thought would win

Our God was gold and oil and drugs
Our God was gold and oil and blood

Now We're drifting on the Sea
I smile as the ocean swallows me
Just like waves we crash into unity
and as I'm drowning slowly I remember how all this came to be

Governed by greed, distracted by TV, I just wish we didn't kill everyone

I always thought the end was coming, but never really understood that it would bring a new beginning, beautiful and limitless

It doesn't come as a surprise or even a great disappointment, I think was really might enjoy it
The worst is behind us now

Now War is Over. Playing God is Over.

There's a light on down here in Aquatica. I guess this place has no borders anymore
Track Name: Make The Choice
I can't see. Walls Surround Me. I am Distraction. I am Condition.

I keep you safe and warm, so you can know you are still alive.
I help you feel solid. I keep the truth of things hidden from you.
So you won't find out form is your prison, and I stay in control.
My actions, only to preserve your prison. Safety, more important than condition.

I fill your mind with ideas to keep you scared,
and you give all your power away,
And all the while you're preoccupied with me
Your comfort gives me all the control,
You believe I exist, and I'm only in your mind
I'm not complaining, I thrive on your self-doubt

I am doubt. I am fear. I am distraction. I am your everything.

But without your attention I am nothing
Make the choice and I'll be gone
Track Name: Breathe Easy
You ask me to recall the pain that cause it all
But I've been trying to forget
I guess you know how bad it would hurt
So you just wanted some company
Well your misery will cling to me until I show my teeth

Check out how long and hard we've been trying, just to get through to our insides. Well I thought by now the time had come for us to breathe easy.

Breathe Easy
Track Name: Trivial Pursuit
Live to be entertained... fashion, politics, violence,
No prerequisites and no feedback required
Here comes another image to amuse your eyes
If we asked you to think, our ratings would sink,
Enjoy! Consume

Flip to the news where models rush through stories in
thirty seconds flat... Must be that important
Like so what if fifty men today died in war?
You'll smile and ignore cause look, we're feeding the poor
Hooray! BUY MORE

We may not help you discover what's real
but we'll keep you distracted and amused
And we can make sure that you never lose trivial pursuit

What does it give? What do you get?
Where's your mind when you get sucked in?
What does it give? What do you get?
Where's your mind? Lost in a box...

Well, here's your education
Cut to commercial
Mass-consumerism is our curriculum
Put your faith in showbiz
It's the new religion
Everyday we worship
Praise the television
Track Name: Into Pieces
We lay watching clouds as they transform
into what we're feeling
so they keep on changing
then you move closer, and the clouds start to rain
My heart gets soft on the inside
It feels like we'll break into pieces
Cause like the clouds, we to will part and
make way for sun rays after the rain
I get soft on the inside
It feels like we'll break into pieces
Cause like the clouds we too will part
and make way for sun rays after the rain is through
Track Name: Spiritual Rats
You are not who you say you are. Hypocrite.
Your mind twisting itself, turning itself inside out
You decide. Trust in yourself
But you are not who you say you are
Lie. Avoid Reality
Manipulate. Play the part

But no matter what you will get hungry
No matter what, you'll need some money
When you wake up, you will see clearly
You were already enough

A spiritual rat deceiving yourself...
Make believe you have no ties to money Then
buy these candles and these books and these beads
just to prove you are unique in spirituality
But you're sure you've got everyone fooled
Pull us down to rise above

But no matter what you will get hungry
No matter what you'll need some money
When you wake up you will see clearly
you were already enough

You're struggling to find the stairs but
you're bragging about how you're certain they're there
Searching high and low for something more
You're stealing things you swore you'd never need
What's next... You gonna tell me you don't bleed?
Track Name: Beauty Is Beast
Every beam of sunlight, every shadow too
You're in the dark
You're in fire and rain, a walk in the park
You're the hopeful spark in the eyes of a child
You're in the wind, and I feel you on my skin
You are the waves
You are the depth of the ocean
Beauty is Beast
We're both nightmares and dreams
It's all within... one in the same
Your energy is in everything!

You are all the courage of a peaceful fight
And then again, you're the violence that
defends or ends lives
Neither right nor wrong and never separate
Each blade of grass, every seed and weed that
grows around the sun, each smile and tear,
you're every last one

You are the planets, and you are the stars
Thunder and lightning... comforting, frightening,
It's all within
You flow through everything
Track Name: Perpetual Twilight
I'm not going to lie to you and say I have
total confidence in knowing much at all really
But who knows anything anyway?
Life is mostly total uncertainly
We get so comfortable pretending it's okay
But does the magic slip away?
We're always almost there spending every day in perpetual twilight

I'm sure you know we're all been brainwashed all our lives
so how could I hold a grudge about what you believe?
Will we ever know what it is?
I won't hold my breath

But we get comfortable pretending it's okay
But does the magic slip away

We're always almost there, spending every day in perpetual twilight